Sunday, July 22, 2007

Next Week on ElimiDate

(Drunken Blonde and Goth Junkie boyfriend are stubling down the street.)G.J.: You haven't listen to a god damned thing that i've said all evening.
(G.J. pushes D.B. down on the sidewalk and she begins to cry.)
D.B.: (sobbing) Why did you push me down......why?
G.J.: Cause i love you...Bitch!

-Corner of St.Philip and Royal St.

Overheard by: Polish Prince

That's Cause He's Your Son

School Bookkeeper: That little boy always hugs me. I don't know that kid from a can of paint!

-Summer Camp

Overheard by: Tiger Lily

Lessons In White Girl Geography

Uptown girl on cell: I'm way down in the Lower Ninth Ward. It's even past the railroad tracks!

-3500 block of St. Claude

Overheard by: fofalex

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

It's Not Like Anyone Else In This City Drives Sober!

1st Guy: Man I do not believe that shit.
2nd Guy:I know! It's expected you will be all nervous and shit.
1st Guy: Yah, that was BS that they smell one little blunt and they wont let me take the test.

-Outside the DMV in Harvey

Overheard by: Mags

"No More I Love You's", However, Was Like a Day at Blue Bayou Down My Face

Tattooed Bookworm: What do you mean I always end up the woman? I made it through "Total Eclipse of the Heart" with nary a tear!


Overheard by: cuntishness

Early Lessons in Excommunication

Pre-K student: When we plant flowers at church, we always have to talk about Jesus and God. I wonder why...
Teacher: Well... that's kind of the point of church...
Pre-K student: Well... if church is all about Jesus and God, why do we have to talk about SHEEP???!!


Overheard by: straying from the fold

From The Transylvannian Candy Company

(Two Girls Perusing Strange Tropical Starburst Flavors)
Girl 1: Aztec Punch?
Girl 2: Wouldn't that just be... blood?
Girl 1: That's what I was thinking...

-A Diner in Kenner

Overheard by: Your Mom